Sunday, September 21, 2008

Queen Autumn

Autumn robes the trees
In fiery reds and golds
Signaling her reign

Today is the first day of my favorite season - Autumn. My favorite because the weather (at least where I live) is, in my opinion, the best at this time of year- nice warm days, cool nights, low humidity. It's also the time of year we usually go on vacation and so the memories of those past trips always come rushing back when the days start to get shorter. And since my daughter was born in the fall last year, there is a new reason for me to enjoy it.

Not to mention that the changing of the leaves is one of nature's most beautiful annual events. I could drive around leaf watching for days. Of course instead of driving, hiking is really the preferable mode of transport.

Enjoy the fall days and the changing of the leaves. These days are fleeting.


Alyson said...

I'm so with you on this one! Fall is amazing. I can even put up with all the leaf-peepers who populate New England this time of year. I mean, who can blame them?!

Sarah Laurence said...

I love autumn too. Enjoy your vacation and birthday celebrations.

Cindy said...

Alyson - New England certainly is the place for leaf-peeping! I know you are from out west originaly, how were the leaves out there ?

Sarah - Does England have colorful display of leaves in the fall? Are you happy to be enjoying the display in Maine this year ?

Alyson said...

Well, there aren't many trees out west, so it's not any where near as spectacular. I used to think fall in the west was beautiful, until I moved east.

Bee said...

I'm so in love with autumn today! We had one of those golden days -- warm and sunny in the afternoon, chilly at night. My husband and I went for a long walk and we were commenting on how green everything still is, though. England had such a waterlogged summer that the trees have been very slow to start changing color.

Cindy said...

Alyson ~ I think you live in the best spot for fall colors, and I can see from your latest post that it's already beginning!

Bee ~ I love those kind of days. I hope you get some fall color soon.