Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pennsylvania Autumn

A Maple on Fire

The leaves are quickly finding their way off of the trees and to the ground so I figured it was high time I posted some pictures of the glorious fall colors. Most of these were taken just a day or two ago. For more fall photos taken a week or so ago, you can check out my fall color post on my garden blog. And if you still need to see more leaves, go to Dave's Garden Blogger Fall Color Project, where he has compiled a collection of fall color posts from bloggers around the world.

I just love this photo, maybe it's the framing of it.

I think the red of the maple against the chartreuse of the lilacs just pops!

Most of the yellows of the Silver Maple are already down.


Dawn said...

Nice pics, I like the second one too, I think the subject matter makes it appear pensive with a tenderfootness in getting on the swing.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I like that pic the best too, but love them all. Our trees are quickly becoming bare here too. Kinda sad, but I'm looking forward to winter.

Cindy said...

Dawn ~ Thank you. Yes my newly walking sweetie is a little unsure of her footing by those tree roots :)

Alyson ~ The leaves are really falling fast now. Which is fine, it's time to get the raking over with :)