Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Song of the American Eagle
by Author Unknown

I build my nest on the mountain's crest,
Where the wild winds rock my eaglets to rest,
Where the lightnings flash, and the thunders crash,
And the roaring torrents foam and dash;
For my spirit free henceforth shall be
A type of the sons of Liberty.

Aloft I fly from my aƫrie high,
Through the vaulted dome of the azure sky;
On a sunbeam bright take my airy flight,
And float in a flood of liquid light;
For I love to play in the noontide ray,
And bask in a blaze from the throne of day.

Away I spring with a tireless wing,
On a feathery cloud I poise and swing;
I dart down the steep where the lightnings leap,
And the clear blue canopy swiftly sweep;
For, dear to me is the revelry
Of a free and fearless Liberty.

I love the land where the mountains stand,
Like the watch-towers high of a Patriot band;
For I may not bide in my glory and pride,
Though the land be never so fair and wide,
Where Luxury reigns o'er voluptuous plains,
And fetters the free-born soul in chains.

Then give to me in my flights to see
The land of the pilgrims ever free!
And I never will rove from the haunts I love
But watch, from my sentinel-track above,
Your banner free, o'er land and sea,
And exult in your glorious Liberty.

O, guard ye well the land where I dwell,
Lest to future times the tale I tell,
When slow expires in smoldering fires
The goodly heritage of your sires,
How Freedom's light rose clear and bright
O'er fair Columbia's beacon-hight,
Till ye quenched the flame in a starless night.

Then will I tear from your pennon fair
The stars ye have set in triumph there;
My olive-branch on the blast I'll launch,
The fluttering stripes from the flagstaff wrench,
And away I'll flee; for I scorn to see
A craven race in the land of the free!

While today is a day of picnics, fireworks, and celebrations, it is also a day to remember those who fought to make this country free for the past 232 years and those who still protect that freedom today. Please keep all who serve this great country in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!

God Bless America!


Sarah Laurence said...

Cindy, That is a nice tribute to our country and to the people who serve it. Happy July 4! I'm heading home soon having posted today for the last time from England. It always feels odd to be abroad on July 4th.

Adorable ducklings below! All these photos are so American. I'm going to have reverse culture shock at home.

I hope I didn't post this comment 3 times - as it didn't seem to work.

Cindy said...

Sarah - Happy July 4th to you. Yes I think being away from home (abroad) on the 4th and Thanksgiving is a bit odd feeling.
Don't worry, your comment only posted once. Despite acting up, blogger got it right :)

Alyson said...

What a wonderful poem! Did you catch the "John Adams" miniseries on HBO? It really made you appreciate what went into making this country. It makes me proud that I had ancestors that served in the Revolution.

Cindy said...

Unfortunately I don't have HBO :(
But I bet it was wonderful, they do such a good job on their shows. I would like to know more about John Adams. On the 4th I was watching the movie "1776" which really showed a lot of debate between John Adams and some of the other Founding Fathers during the Continental Congress. It was really interesting, but I didn't see all of it because I fell asleep. You see, it was a musical and the songs were not nearly as riveting as the dialouge.