Monday, July 28, 2008

I Picked These Flowers For You

Flowers Through the Years

A child’s handful of wildflowers given with all the love in the world
A corsage of tiny roses worn on prom night
Graduation day proudly brings a dozen long stems of red roses
Bright bunches bought to brighten a first apartment’s humble furnishings
The Wedding day bouquet full of passion and grandeur
Baby’s arrival brings a sweet nosegay
A wreath laid on the grave and we become one with the flowers

An original poem by Cindy

I picked this tiny bouquet of flowers this morning and wanted to share its simple beauty with you along with some verse.


Alyson said...

Very lovely poetry and flowers!

Cindy said...

Alyson ~ Thank you. It was spur of the moment so I may do some revising to it but I think it's adequate - haha.

Sarah Laurence said...

Cindy, your flowers deserve a poem! You have many talents. Hold onto those baby years as they will go that fast. My first baby is now bigger than me.

Cindy said...

Sarah ~ you are too kind. It's funny, she's only 9 months old but already she's changed so much and she is such her own little person.

Randall said...

I love your train photos. I've never seen a 4-2-0 locomotive model before that I can recall. I had to look it up to find the class name is Jervis and add it to my Steam Locomotive Classes list.

Cindy said...

Randall - I'm glad you liked the photos. The 4-2-0 that I think you are referring to is Bachmann's 1837 Lafayette. I'm not sure if we have any other 4-2-0's, I have an inventory someplace, just not handy at the moment.
You'll have to check back in a week or so, we have a new locomotive coming and I am very excited. We might have to get some track set up just to see it run a little bit before November.