Monday, June 9, 2008

Cold Ice on a Hot Day

Well with the air conditioning not working and the inspection able to be done on our one car, this was the week it was going to the shop. A car with no air conditioning is not worth much in 90 degree heat. So Sunday night we make the trek down to the shop. And what a pleasant surprise, the Rita's Ice that was just built right next to the shop was open ! And they were giving away FREE regular ice. It was pretty busy but they were serving everyone pretty fast (I guess when you don't have to collect money it goes a little faster). Although they were still making money as several people ordered their other items. I had the Georgia Peach ice which was good - not too sweet and not too peachy. It was very refreshing.

Well, Monday we had to go and pick the car back up (air conditioning not fixed, but car inspected). And it was another hot, hot day. I had just been mowing the grass so I was quite hot. And low and behold, they were still having FREE ice. So this time I had a Mango ice. Ahhh, so good and refreshing. I'm sure we will be stopping back in when we bring the other car for inspection next month.


Alyson said...

We have one of these places near us. There's a Rita's in West Hartford. I haven't been there yet, but have been meaning to. Now that I've got your recommendation, I'll try even harder!

tranquil solitude said...

Alyson - You will love Rita's. It's a nice switch from ice cream, although their custard is very good too and now I think they have a fat free soft custard / ice cream. Although I haven't had it yet.