Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Faith, Family, Fun

This was Lillian's Baptism weekend so it was a weekend full of family and fun. It all went by too fast. Friday started out with lunch in Irwin with the Grandparents who had traveled from Eastern PA. Then later, (much later) that evening the Godparents arrived from Philadelphia.

Saturday was a lazy day, spent just hanging out enjoying time with everyone. This included a highly competitive game of croquet which was won by Angie, with Pete finishing second.

Sunday brought the Baptism and then a cookout before all the visitors had to take their departure. It's always sad when everyone leaves. But we have the memories and lots of photos. Here are a few to help us remember the good times.

"But Aunt Angie, I want to take some pictures with your camera."

"Oh, I'm so tuckered out. It's hard work being a baby"

"Please feed me Grandpop, they starve me!"

"Why do I have to wear this dress, it makes it hard for me to get around."

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