Thursday, June 26, 2008


The Seashell

Hard layers to protect the creature within
A home at the bottom of the sea
Pounded by the surf
Washed to shore by the tide
A treasure grasped by a child
The jewel on a necklace of string


Alyson said...

Love this poem. We are big collectors of seashells around here. Did you write this one?

tranquil solitude said...

Yes, this is one of mine. I was cleaning up some old shells from the basement and thought I'd do a seashell post. I'd love any feedback anyone has.

Right now I'm trying to decide on a craft to use up some of the hundreds of shells that are so hard to resist when walking the beach.

Sarah Laurence said...

Nice poem! The shape of the text on the page (screen?) and the cadence brings to mind the waves. I'm looking forward to seeing the sea again.

Cindy said...

Sarah - Thank you and with respect to the waves, it certainly does mimic that (although that wasn't done intentionally I must admit). I always miss the sea when I've not been to visit for a couple of years. The sound of the waves is so lulling.