Monday, June 23, 2008

I Found It!

On Saturday, we finally got to do something we had been planning for a long, long time. We went geocaching. And it was so much fun, I feel myself being instantly obsessed with and addicted to it. If you are not familiar with it, geocaching is where you are looking for a cache (small to large size container) which is hidden (usually a wooded area), using the GPS coordinates. Once you find the cache, there is usually a log to sign and there may be little treasures to swap. You don't need a big, fancy GPS device either. We just have a little handheld unit, nothing like the navigation systems that are so popular today. It just needs to give you the coordinates.

We had a lot of errands to run on Saturday, so we thought we would stick something fun in the middle of it to break up the day. We went to
North Park and had time to look for two caches. The first brought us by an old fountain. It was so beautiful there, with ferns and mosses everywhere. John found the first hidden cache. It was a micro-cache with just a log, so we signed it and re-hid it. Here are some pictures from the first find.

"I found it!"

Well Hidden

Lots of ferns

The Fountain of Youth

Now we're ready for our next one. We head over to the swimming pool parking area and start looking. We head back on a nice trail, we're at the right coordinates, and after some searching - We found it. This was a much larger container with a log book and all sorts of neat things to swap. So we left a little stretchy frog toy and took a Nemo light toy. After this find we had to continue on our way, but we're already planning our next adventure. Here are some more pictures.

"We found it !"

"What's this doing here ?!"


Alyson said...

I've heard of this. I saw it on tv the other week. Looks like fun! Maybe one of these days, we'll try it! Nice pictures too.

tranquil solitude said...

Alyson - I think you would really like it, and I think your kids would too - since you like being outdoors and hiking. The search for the cache is like looking for buried treasure. A lot of fun.

Sarah Laurence said...

Cindy, like Alyson I've never heard of geocaching either. My son, the map collector and technology fan, would love it. Good to see you having fun.

tranquil solitude said...

Sarah - Something else your son might like is Letterboxing ( My brother has just told me about this and while I haven't had a chance to try it yet, it's on my list of things to do. It actually started in England. Cheerio! - Cindy